Danger’s Two!

So I figure since your not 25 months yet that your 24 month letter isn’t really late.  Is it? Nope that’s what I thought!

You’re Two! Crazy right! I think it’s insane how quickly time has flown by and how quickly you have morphed into hands down the coolest kid that has ever walked the planet.  Two years ago you were the most beautiful squishy little baby I had ever seen.  Your eyes were slate blue, hair almost non existent with a crooked little bum crack and the most intoxicating smell.  You loved to be held close to my chest and I loved to hold you there.  I remember always thinking how incredibly hot your little body could get while you slept.  You’d wake up, still on my chest where you drifted off, with your little wisps of hair all sweaty and your head heavy.  Those were my favourite moments, I could spend hours just like that holding you close.

Now my favourite moments revolve around you singing and dancing to your favourite song while I make pancakes.  Have I mentioned how much you like to sing and dance? You have got the fever and let me tell you once you unleash the fever you can’t stop it.  You little Danger are a dancing machine.  You shake your tush, hop jump and shimmy around the house while singing along with The Ting Ting’s or the latest Yo Gabba Gabba songs.  At the ripe old age of two you can also play a mean piano which happens to make your Dad extremely proud.

You can spot a plane from miles away.  You still say “cock” instead of chocolate.  You call a cow a “MOOOOOOO!”  Yo Gabba Gabba is pretty much the greatest creation of all time just above the movie Tarzan and your little brother.  You call a zip up sweater or any sweater for that matter a “zippy” and you somehow think it’s unjust to take you outside without a hat on.  You love to wear flip flops and manage to keep them on your feet better than I can.  You love the colour pink, can count to 8 ( I know random number but that’s how many stair there are leading to the bedrooms) and when you get to wear your favourite shirt you tell me all about how cute you are in it.

You like rainbows and unicorns and know how to get to all your favourite games on my iPhone.   Did I mention that you are also capable of calling your Daddy from my phone? ‘Cause that’s kind of random!

You Danger are so much more than I ever could have imagined in a daughter.  You’re absolutely perfect!

Happy Birthday Little Lady!

Love Mama.

For Kate aka 23/7 .5

So my dearest kidlets, clearly I have not been blogging.  It’s not because you haven’t been getting any bigger or better.  It’s not that your not learning new things.  It’s not even that you’ve gotten boring in some sort of way.  I mean let’s face it you two are about as kick ass as they come.


Here’s the thing though.  Life is busy!  There are not enough hours in the day or days in a week.  I know it’s kind of a lame excuse but it is what it is.

So what’s new? Epic you can sit up on your own now.  That’s pretty badass! Danger in this the last month of being a one year old  it’s like you’ve grown and changed into this crazy little Monkey who is constantly running somewhere while asking for apple juice and coch, which for the record is how you say chocolate. Every time you announce to the world that you “Want eat Coch!” your Dad’s heart breaks a little.  Not even two and you are already torturing him!

Although you love your chocolate you are actually a fantastic eater.  You love meat. even though you think every form of it is chicken and you quickly gobble up anything with “Ceeeaaam”  also known as cream.  You love ketchup, syrup and hummus.  You think a peanut butter and banana sandwich is just up the greatest thing ever and you like blueberries in your oatmeal.

Then there’s Epic.  My little pork chop. You are 18+ lbs these days off of a diet of only milk.  You’re over seven months old and refuse to eat solids.  You gag and spit it out everywhere and generally make my life difficult.  You won’t take a bottle or a sippy cup or a syringe for that matter.  Outside of that you are my perfect little man.  You’re happy and cute and all around perfect.  Even Danger thinks so.

I would through up some photographic evidence on this here blog for you but I’m on the iMac right now and it turns out all of my photos of you happen to be on my macbook which is a horribly inconvenient truth! You’ll just have to take my word for it!

So let’s call this month 23/7 and a half shall we!

Love you little buggers!

Month 22/6

Clearly I’m not really a blogger.  I’m a chick with a macbook and two kids that I love more than words could possibly express. If I were a blogger then I wouldn’t be late writing this letter nor would this be the only real thing I’ve written since last month around this time.  Although I wish I’d written more, wish that I had been more disciplined in capturing these memories on a daily basis, apparently I just haven’t.  I would love to say that I’m committed, that I’m going to write more, going to take more photos, going to be a better blogger, I’m also a lot more realistic than that.

Last week two weeks ago (because I started writing this and then just stopped again) you both made it through yet another month! Yep, I’m pretty kick ass at this mothering thing.  I mean 22 months with one kid and 6 with two and no life threatening accidents, pretty awesome if you ask me!  Sure there was that one time when the car seat took a bit of a spill at The Cactus Club but you’re fine Epic.  Right?

There have been a lot of changes here at Casa Loving Danger this past week.  My little brother Corey moved in with us to get a fresh start.  Say “Hi!” little brother!

Yep, I am now the proud owner of a shiny new 17 year old.  Yes, my house seems as though it’s not quite as roomy as it was before.  Yes, the boy drinks 4 gallons of milk all to himself a week.  And yes he leaves his dirty socks every where but somehow I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I love having him here.  Corey and I have always had a special bond even though we have different mothers and grew up in different homes we are somehow incredibly similar.  We’re a special brand of geek that’s for sure!  And as much as I love having him here, you kids seem to love it even more.  Every morning as the three of us make our way downstairs for breakfast you Danger start yelling out “Cowey?  Hello Cowey? Mama where’s Cowey? Hi Cowey!”  and you love telling him “See Ya Later” when he leaves for school.

“Seeyawaadder” is probably my favourite thing you say these days.  Your little voice really is absolutely fucking adorable.  Honestly there is no little girl in the whole wide world that is cuter or smarter or funnier than you.  And if anyone says there is I’ll cut them! Don’t try me!

Your words and thoughts seem to expand every day.  You’ve started speaking in some sort of sentence form and are constantly asking questions like “Mama want cup apple juice?” and then when I clarify to make sure I understand you/teach you to say it properly with “You would like a cup of apple juice?” you shout back “YEAHHHHH!” Like to say oh that’s a great idea Mama, so glad you thought of it!  You are constantly tricking me into asking you if you’d like some chocolate chips!

As time goes on you seem to be growing close and closer to your little Bro.  Epic is slowly turning into your best friend.  Every morning after you eat your oatmeal you sit on my lap and help me feed brother his cereal(which he doesn’t eat by the way, seriously the boy only wants the boob! It’s getting old) the whole time trying to grab the spoon saying “I want help!”

I cancelled my trip to Costa Rica.  It actually hurts my heart to type that.  Let’s all take a moment of silence to mourn shall we?

Epic you just aren’t ready.  You are a little more sensitive than Danger ever was.  Yes Danger was a Mama’s girl and yes she hated the bottle as well but at least she at cereal and other solids by this age where as you just down right refuse.  Sure two or three times a day I force a little cereal down your throat but in general more ends up on your bib that in your belly.  When I leave the house you cry.  You can have just gone down for a nap when I leave for class on Thursdays and literally 5 minutes after I walk out the door you sense that I’m gone and wake up screaming! Your Dad, he loves it of course!

When I am around though you are one of the happiest little dudes to ever live.  You coo and babble and smile from ear to ear at just about anything.  You love to be tickled and held and even just looked at.  You are fantastic.

And did I mention how much of a lady’s man you are.  Seriously you love the lady’s and they love you.  Just look at those eyes. HEART BREAKER!

With two kids like y’all it’s hard to not want a dozen more.  ‘Cause in the words of Mrs. Duggar “Saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers!”  Difference between the Duggar’s and I though is that I’m not bat shit crazy!

Love Mama!

Random shit

Have you ever noticed how quickly life moves.  It seems I can’t keep up.  My last real post was just about a month ago.  That right there means I fucking suck at this. You would think the problem is that I must not have anything exciting to write about but the reality is that I have so much going on that I can’t seem to sort my thoughts into sentence form.

Let me give you a glimpse into my mind from this morning



I’m tired.  Not as tired as normal though.

Is the monitor on?

Why isn’t Epic awake? He must be dead!

Nope he’s good, he’s just sleeping imagine that.  That shit doesn’t happen!

I’m hungry.

Why isn’t Danger up yet?


Corey’s not up? What time do his classes start today?  Is today day 1 or day 2? I should really write this shit down

Fuck it both kids are sleeping I’ll wake Corey up after I shower.

Ahhh, nothing is better than hot water.

What time are the kids doctor’s appointments again?

Fuck Epic’s awake.  I’m shaving my legs anyways the kid can wait.

What am I going to make for dinner tonight? Steak….with?

Grandma’s funeral is tomorrow.  I’m surprised Chris doesn’t want to fly back for it.

Shit I forgot to get a towel.

What time is it?  How is Danger still sleeping?

Broccoli & Cheese Sauce with squash.

I wonder if Grandma left any money to the grandkids?

If I hurry we can stop at Good Earth for scones and coffee on the way to the Dr’s

Fuck Corey’s still not up.

Epic is.

I need to vacuum

Pants.  I need pants.

I’ll wear the grey sweater.

And a hat.

There’s Danger.

Diaper #1 Changed. Epic Dressed.

…. ”

Yep that’s 15 minutes in my mind.

Did I mention my 17 year old brother moved in with us.  Yep I birthed a 17 year old over night.  All of a sudden I spend my evenings worrying about part time jobs, parties and homework.  Good times!

I also started taking classes to get my photography certificate.  Who knows if that will turn into anything but meh I’m doing it anyway.

Danger’s kitchen came last week. It’s pretty awesome and let me tell you it should be because that fucker took me 2 hours to put together.

Jenn and Roman are having a baby.  That’s pretty awesome.  But if you know me in real life, which you probably don’t, shut the fuck up about it alright because they haven’t told people yet.

I’m crazy happy for them but at the same time sad because Chris says we aren’t having anymore.  I’m not sure I’m okay with that.

Right now I’m tired.  So tired I must sleep.

Good Night.


Dearest kidlets!

It’s been entirely too long since I wrote to you last.  I’ve got a shit load of excuses but what it comes down to is that life with two kids is busy.  I mean seriously you little buggers are a lot of work.  Either way for right now I’m just going to apologize and move on. So here it is.

Danger, Epic sorry! I’ll write more.

But not tonight! Tonight I’m tired and I don’t know that I could pick just one thing to write about so I’m not going too!

Love Mama!

Epic: Month 5

Dearest CoCo Bear:

You turned 5 months old today and if you’re wondering, yep, I just called you that. It’s your nickname.  It’s kinda pansy-ish I know.  I’m hoping we’ll drop it by your 10th birthday but I can’t promise anything.

To be honest with you, you are kind of a pansy though.  You’re sensitive.  You love to cuddle and not just normal “I’m a baby, I like to cuddle” kind of stuff I mean you REALLY like to cuddle.  When I hold you, you do this thing where you hold onto my face or neck.  Your fingers are soft and wonderful and full of love. You nestle your little face so tight into my neck, your lips full of slobber. Your nose full of warm sweet breath and tiny little buggers.

You startle easily, and you’re terrified when your Dad tosses you in the air even though he doesn’t actually let go of you.  At this age we were practically throwing your sister across the room and we were greeted only with the loudest giggles you ever did hear.  And although you don’t like to be thrilled you do however laugh much easier and much more regularly than your sister did at this age.  You laugh when we sing to you, you laugh when we play with you.  Hell you even laugh when we whistle but nothing makes you laugh the way she does.

Watching the two of you together is magical to me.  There are very few moments in a day in which you are not looking at her. Watching her every move, following her with your eyes as she runs around gathering toys for you, only to steal them back a few seconds later.  She’s in for a rude awakening though.  Even at only 5 months you are just 4 pounds behind her in size and by the time you start walking I guarantee you will be her bigger little brother.  For her sake I hope you stay my cuddly little pansy boy.

Oh and just for the record, you still snore, refuse to sleep through the night, hate the car and gag when we try to feed you cereal in attempt to remedy the sleeping through the night issue I mentioned.  Although you’re my big boy, you are also my itty bitty baby.  You are full of love and rainbows and all the good things in the world, and I love every chubby little inch of you so hard it hurts sometimes!

Love Mama

Danger Month 21

Dearest Dangerpants!

Tomorrow you turn 21 months old.  Like I say in almost everyone of my letters to you, you’re changing at an alarming rate.  Although you haven’t grown much in the last 6 months (you’re still a tiny 20 lbs 8 oz & 32″) you are learning new tricks everyday, like colouring, 1 2 3’s and a b c’s. Not to mention the crazy amount of words coming out of your mouth. Just today you looked over at Stella, your trusty sidekick and said “No Stella! No jumping! Okay?”  and somehow someway it was like she was all “Okay Danger, sorry about that, I know better.  I’m just gonna go lay down now okay?” and you went back to eating your chilli like it was nothing but a thing. No biggie Mama I throw down full sentences followed up by questions during lunch all the time!

In all honesty though Stella really has become your trusty sidekick.  Everyday when we come downstairs for breakfast you start asking “Where’s Stella? Where’s Stella Mama?” And every morning I tell you the same thing.  “Stella’s downstairs (in the basement where she sleeps since the great diarrhea incident of 2009) Babe” to which you respond “Go? Go?” until I put your bro down in his chair so we can go get her and Sweet Lord Baby Jesus in Heaven if I don’t take you with me to go get that dog the morning is shot because you are so beside yourself that I would take your one true joy from you that you basically spend the entire morning freaking the hell out, threatening to slit your wrists until I go put stella back to bed in the basement so you can go let her out!  Yep!  You are your father’s daughter!

Along with Stella you are really taking to your little brother.  When Epic first arrived you were pretty indifferent towards the kid.  When you felt like it you’d give him a kiss or say “Hi Baby” otherwise you generally carried on with your life pretending like he didn’t exist.  As of late your relationship has really grown, as long as it’s on your terms of course as you don’t like it if he touches you without your permission. I often catch the two of you looking at each other both giggling out of control or you laying beside him on his play mat playing with his hair.  Your newest obsession however is helping him jump.  As soon as you notice that we’ve put Epic into the Jolly Jumper you run over, shaking with excitement, grab the harness and start bouncing him up and down as hard as you can while yelling “Jumpy! Jumpy! Jumpy!” at the top of your lungs which naturally he loves and then starts the uncontrollable belly laughs from the two of you. In those moments everything is right in the world.

(And dear God do you see how big your feet are! Sorry about that!)

I really couldn’t ask for anything more out of you kid.  You are full to the brim with personality, but you get embarrassed incredibly easily (yesterday while we were out looking at new homes you laid on the ground after tripping over your own feet for a good 5 minutes while the sales lady asked “Are you sure she’s okay?” You were, just your pride was hurt!). You are as cute as a button but you know it! You thrive off of attention and know exactly how to make us laugh.  You are everything that’s good in the world and although you are incredibly trying at times you are the best part of me!

Love Mama


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